Santa Maria Cemetery District

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Santa Maria Cemetery District

Rules & Regulations


  • that no graveside markers or monuments be installed by the public. The superintendent must be consulted about the policy governing such installations.
  • that all flowers be kept within the cement boarder of the headstone. Any objects that protrude into the mowing area will be removed for safety reasons.
  • that no jars or glass be placed on the gravesite. Due to breakage they become a safety concern for the public and employees.
  • that no plantings, balloons, stakes, fences, barricades, or other such installations may be placed on the gravesite. Maximum height limit of 3' for decorations.
  • that no dead flowers, papers trimmings, etc. be discarded on the cemetery grounds. Such refuse should be placed in the large waste disposal cans.
  • that Cemetery District personnel remove all placements on gravesites in violation of these rules and regulations.

Please Note: The above listing is just a small portion of our Rules & Regulations.
A complete list of Rules & Regulations may be obtained from the District Office.

The Santa Maria Cemetery is NOT responsible for theft or vandalism to headstones.

Santa Maria Cemetery District

Cemetery Hours:
Cemetery Gates Open Daily at Dawn
Close at Dusk

District Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
(Closed for lunch Noon - 1 :00 pm)

Phone (805) 925-4595

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Only a portion of the District Rules and Regulations are presented in this form in order that the users and visitors of the District facilities may have a readily available source of information. It is hoped that none will be deemed arbitrary nor oppressive as they embody not only the conclusions drawn from local experience, but methods accepted by Districts throughout California. NO CASH PLEASE.